Global China: Regional influence and strategy

As widely known, we here in the mainland have an invisible wall blocking access to many foreign media websites -YouTube in this case - according to the relative laws and policys, and those who want the access need to "scale or climb over the wal Top 5 Things You Can ONLY Do in CHINA - YouTube Feb 05, 2018 List of websites blocked in mainland China - Wikipedia 154 rows

Jan 09, 2009

How do you like that, Elon Musk? Russia & China likely to “Recently, we [along with Director of the China National Space Administration Zhang Kejian] have agreed that we will probably research the Moon and build a Moon research base together – Russia and China,” Rogozin said on the ‘Solovyev LIVE’ YouTube channel. The Roscosmos head stressed that he has a lot of respect for his Chinese

Everything with youtube inside China has to be done through a VPN hosted outside the PRC. If the access to your tunnel is secure then you shouldn't have a problem. The police aren't likely to be interested in your youtube videos, even if they could access them in a timely fashion, unless they are in Chinese and extremely anti-government.

China Uncensored is an American commentary channel that covers news relating to China including Hong Kong and foreign relations. The videos usually have an intro that covers the content of the episode, and the host Chris Chappell sometimes gives jokes while informing the viewer. Later, there is an answer and question section from people on Patreon, and there are sometimes responses in the