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On that computer, everything worked fine until Windows went wonky and I had to reinstall. Then I got a code 12 on the PCI Bridge. To make it work, I had to install the 8310 driver, which it the opposite of the usual fix for that error, and it's very buggy. I've had high hopes that this was a simple software issue and not a chipset incompatibility. Intel® NUCs: Error 10 or 31 in Device Manager for Intel May 29, 2020 Error Code 31 with Nvidia GeForce 98 | NVIDIA GeForce Forums What you might try is disable the card's in window's device manager one at a time and restart the system and let window's reinstall the display driver,then do the same for the other card. If that does'nt help perhap's a clean install of the display driver's would.

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If you see Code 31 in Device Manager when checking the device driver status, especially for network adapters, don’t worry! Code 31 is one of the common errors in Device Manager, and you can fix Code 31 …

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