Optimize Visual Experience for Remote Desktop Service Sessions = (Visual Experience = Text) Configure Image Quality For RemoteFx Adaptive Graphics = Medium. The above settings known to dramatically improve the RDP performance as it reduces the use of network bandwidth and both server/client load on processing the RDP data.

RDP doesn't care about bandwidth on how the user is experiencing. But PCoIP cares about the speed, if there is a high bandwidth, it display the terminal with hiqh quality; if there is a low quality bandwidth, the termial quality will be adjusted accordingly. RemoteApp and Bandwidth Usage | MangoLassi RDP might use more or less bandwidth but the responsiveness of the app might not be easily portrayed by that number. Reply Quote 0. 1 Reply Last reply . T. technobabble last edited by @scottalanmiller. @scottalanmiller said: It's not a straight "either uses this much." It is a factor of "how it is used" and what data goes across the line. Remote protocols benchmarking, Citrix, VMware and RDP–Part Mar 29, 2016 What is considered acceptable/excessive bandwidth usage

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Dec 13, 2017 How can I configure bandwidth management with limits per With this rule , SonicWall will only limit the usage of bandwidth per IP to 1200 kbps and would not actually affect any other service . How to test. Log out of SonicWall and test the speed from any pc on LAN .It's max speed will be limited around 1 Mbps. Categories.