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Port RemoteDevice(Processor ApplicationProtocol) Listener Protocoland Port Listener (Processor Application Protocol) UnsecureportusedforFinesse administrationconsole,Finesse agentandsupervisordesktop, FinesseWebServices,and FinesseDesktopModules (gadgets)withtheFinesse desktop. HTTP TCP80,8082 Browser Bidirectional SecureportusedforFinesse With that said, I took over a client-facing portal which used a non-standard port due to network limitations; I do not know the NAT details. Anyways, this made it impossible for about 50% of our users/visitors to access site and whenever they would call us to report this issue, we would have to coordinate with their non-existent IT to try and You should not use port 8080 for https traffic. That port is conventionally used for non-secured data, akin to the use of port 80 for default external http. Port 8443 is the standard for Tomcat secured (SSL/TLS) data, corresponding to the common HTTPS port 443. You cannot use the same port for both http and https. Feb 04, 2020 · McAfee SIEM Advanced Correlation Engine (ACE) 11.x, 10.x McAfee SIEM Application Data Monitor (ADM) 11.x, 10.x McAfee SIEM Database Event Monitor (DBM) 11.x, 10.x McAfee SIEM Enterprise Log Manager (ELM) 11.x, 10.x McAfee SIEM Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) 11.x 10.x McAfee SIEM Event Receiver (Receiver) 11.x, 10.x.

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TCP Port 8082 may use a defined protocol to communicate depending on the application. A protocol is a set of formalized rules that explains how data is communicated over a network. Think of it as the language spoken between computers to help them communicate more efficiently. Port 8082 (tcp/udp) - Online TCP UDP port finder Mar 30, 2016

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Apr 10, 2020 · Port range forwarding is similar to port forwarding but is used to forward an entire range of ports. A certain video game might use ports 3478 through 3480, for example, so instead of typing all three into the router as separate port forwards, forward that whole range to the computer running that game. By default, the HTTP port that's used for client-to-site system communication is port 80, and the default HTTPS port is 443. Ports for client-to-site system communication over HTTP or HTTPS can be changed during setup or in the site properties for your Configuration Manager site. Port 80 is the default port for http traffic. With blocked port 80 you will need to run your web server on a non-standard port. Port 25 is the default port for sending and receiving mail. ISPs block this port to reduce the amount of spam generated by worms on infected machines within their network. Feb 14, 2020 · Agent broadcast communication port: 8082: UDP port that the SuperAgents use to forward messages from the ePO server/Agent Handler. Outbound connection from the SuperAgents to other McAfee Agent. Console-to-application server communication port: 8443: TCP port that the ePO Application Server service uses to allow web browser UI access. Port Transport Protocol; 8800 : Sun Web Server Admin Service. 8801-8803 : 8804 : truecm. 8805-8872 : 8873 : dxspider linking protocol. 8874-8879 : 8880: TCP, UDP Hi Guys, Hoping you can help me. I am pretty sure that ports 8082, 9092 and 5435 are not already in use, yet I can't start h2 on the command line. Ubuntu has a "policy" of not having any ports open for security purposes. On a LiveCD of Ubuntu 9.10, I don't see port 8082 open, so something you installed started a service on this port. To find out what has it open, run netstat with the -p flag with sudo: sudo netstat -plant The last column will show a PID and a programs process name.